Who are we?

We are a vibrant group of volunteers trying to support those in Ukraine and those who have left. Initially started as a social media post requesting for donations we have quickly grown with many volunteers, a distribution network and substantial warehouse area for sorting and packing as well as storage for items so they can be quickly located and sent when and where required, we have many drop off locations in Norfolk.

If you wish to donate items we can use please click on our location finder for a list of drop off locations and items we require the most.

Our mission is to support refugees and those who are stuck in areas of conflict with life’s basics; from warm clean clothing, food, hygiene products as well as first aid equipment and medicines. We also aim to assist in providing new arrivals with a furnished place to stay and and put food on the table for the whole family.

We believe in pay it forward, therefore everyone of us are working as a volunteers to help those most in need.

Donate Items

As a priority, we require donations of Food, Medical Supplies, Survival ( Tents, tools, sleeping bags, warm clothing especially thermals and coats, torches, batteries) Food Sanitary Products (pads and tampons) Toiletries (Soap, Shampoo, toothpaste and tooth brushes) Bedding and Blankets.

Donations of Boxes, Tape, Pallets and Shrink-Wrap are also especially required for packaging.

We also require Laptop / Desktop PC’s for families now in the UK for home learning and access to the internet.

Become a Volunteer

With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we always need more enthusiastic volunteers. Please contact us for more info.

Offer Accommodation

Norfolk Polonia ( ) are recording all offers of accommodation in Norfolk. If you have a room, flat, house or caravan, in fact anywhere someone could stay, please let us know.

Support Our Efforts

We have an excellent distribution network and refugee support teams in place , unfortunately we can only see the need for our services increasing, more money will enable use to provide more services.


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Your contribution is appreciated.

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We work better together

At the start of the conflict we saw many other organisations such as Schools, Clubs, Collectives all with a similar path that we are on. We are aware of cases where after sending the contributions to Ukraine / Poland and neighboring countries of the items being turned around at the border for reasons of incorrect paperwork for the Aid especially medical. Non official paperwork stating of the aid etc as well as having issues with the customs declarations.

We are recognised as a aid organisation by the Polish government and are working with Norwich City Council, we are successful in delivering aid.

We have regular transport through to Poland and Ukraine kindly sponsored by local Norfolk businesses and are happy to help you get the aid where it needs to be, with the refugees of this conflict.

If you would like to work with us, we would like to work with you too, please contact us and we can work out what we can do together.

You are making a Difference

Norfolk Supporting Ukraine is organised by Norfolk Polonia CIC and Supported by Norwich City Council

8 Wilberforce Road, Norwich, NR5 8ND [email protected] (Privacy Policy)

Please note we are unable to accept donations at this location.