Employers & Recruiters

Are you able to offer Employment to Refugees?

There is a lot to think about when employing a refugee, such as language barriers, right to work in the UK etc, we at present do not have employment specialists as volunteers, should this change we would expect the service we offer to change.

We do believe however this is a very important aspect of settlement to the UK therefore we are offering a *free service where we will post your employment opportunity on our Ukrainian translated pages with a brief description of the position for 2 weeks.

These adverts will be seen by Ukrainian refugees looking for everyday help in a unfamiliar country, we are offering advice on everyday living in the UK via our Ukrainian Hub Pages.

We will not charge for this service, but we are going to cheekily leave our Crowdfunder link below to help us keep doing what we are. We leave it to your good conscience on what this is worth to you.

Your employment opportunity advert should measure 600 x 1000 pixels for portrait or 1000 x 600 pixels for landscape adverts and be submitted as .png or .jpg files or alternately should contain a job title, description and salary range with a more detailed PDF of the role.

Click here to view the current opportunities we have online, think of it as a “free ads” type posting with a little extra TLC from our Ukrainian friends.

Please click the submit advert button below to send an email to our web team for posting to our site. It may take a few days for your Job advertisement to go live pending translation availability.

*Please note we reserve the right to not publish some offers without given reason.