We Work Better Together!

There are many challenges in getting the Aid you have put time into gathering to those that need it most. With larger charities overwhelmed with offers of support and difficult to reach we see there is a need for a bridge organisation such as ours where we can organise the county efforts as a whole, Logistical / border crossings are one thing, then there is the customs paperwork, Sign off by a Doctor for medicines, Language barriers for the drivers passing through many countries to name but a few.

Having already completed several successful deliveries (note we are not posting images / videos of these to keep the safety of our drivers and beneficiaries as well as destinations safe) we know we have additional capacity to help out other groups throughout Norfolk.

Work with us! we are already many groups coming together offering large warehousing, Regular transport to Poland and Ukraine, Official contacts in Ukraine and other neighboring countries. We have a regular feed of Landlords, Foodbanks, Medical centres all offering support and the list goes on. Volunteers we have working with us have a range of skills that we both use and have recorded should we need to ask for specific requirements, with more joining us daily.

We have Polish Embassy Approval to work as a Aid organisation, and are working with Norwich City Council.

We work by a regularly updated list of items supplied by Ukrainian government to get the most needed items to those in the most in need.

We welcome you to contact us to discuss how we can work with you to help you get your aid items where they are needed. Please complete the form below and one of our volunteers will be in touch.