Information for Landlords

Are you thinking of offering a room, a annex, a home or anywhere secure and safe for refugees now arriving in the UK?

With the UK Government now bringing on a scheme to help incentivise offering accommodation to refugees.

There are things to think about, for example, what do they need to integrate into the British lifestyle?

What will they eat? how can they contribute to society i.e. jobs / public service? Where should they go shopping to find food?

Where to socialise find schooling for their children or even English lessons for themselves?

Are these things you should even concern yourself with?

Article from the Guardian: Thinking about offering a room to a Ukrainian refugee? Let me help.

Helen Pidd – North East Editor of the Guardian writes about her experience with Yasser a Syrian refugee. She writes with reference to ground rules and how these worked for her and Yasser and what she felt she should do to help her guest.

Helen looks to have been a solid foundation for Yasser and helped him get onto his feet and finally settle down and is a beacon of what is possible.

Of course it is not just up to you or other Helen’s of this world. We are offering support too!

If you have an unfurnished room, we are working with other organisations that will help furnish it.

We will help with food donations, sanitary and hygiene products, clothing, bedding the list goes on.

We also have volunteers who are willing to teach language skills.

With the kind volunteers working with us we are fast becoming a central hub in Norfolk for information, putting other organisations and groups together and working together offering the best chance of helping refugees make the most of what they can under these circumstances.

If you would like more information on what we can do for you with offering accommodation or you are already hosting a refugee and think you could do with a little extra helping hand, feel free to contact us.

Further information: Support for Hosts

GOV.UK Homes for Ukraine FAQ’s

GOV.UK Register an interest Offering your Home

Church of England “toolkit”

A little more informed, and want to help?

Reset are a matching charity, we recommend you list your accommodation offer with them here.

Norfolk Polonia ( ) are recording all offers of accommodation in Norfolk and are providing a free basic translation service to list on our Ukrainian section of this site.

We will not be performing any matching services!

After submitting your information on the below form we will contact you to verify your offer and let you know what happens next.

If this is not for you, you can always view our other donation or volunteering options.